Last week, Lar and I took the kids up to Lynx Lake here in Prescott for another overnight camp. Car was packed… we got the LAST campsite in the campgrounds and it started out BEAUTIFUL! We GEOCACHED, we HIKED (set up the tent first…. then ate lunch) Here are 2 of the caches that we found (GC1B8JK & GC1BK8) SO MUCH FUN!!!! That night, I had a meeting in Chino… so we drove back home and while I was in my meeting… Monsoon clouds rolled in and that night we drove back to the campground… RainDrops the size of cannonballs… I kid you not.

The tent’s seams couldn’t take it and we slept in about 3 inches of water. Fun… but wet, it was a rain-out and we didn’t last a second night as everything was SOPPY and MUSHY! So as in the movie Bull Durham – “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.’

On the way home, we stopped at Target and bought a NEW tent for our next adventure.