Monthly Archives: February 2011

Just a little bit of Luck kit

We have had a wild few weeks. Larry’s grandmother passed away a week and a half ago. We had to travel up to St. George, Utah last week for her services. I will post more on that in the next few days.

I have a new release for you called LUCK. This is a FUN mini-kit. It is available on both and – So check it out!!

Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ

I got a chance to go our to Watson Lake here in Prescott, AZ kidless. I had such a GREAT time hiking around the lake, taking photos with different apertures. I took photos of different local plant life with a view of the gorgeous lake behind it.

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Berlyn’s 5th birthday – STAR WARS

I have been doing a ton of research on creating the perfect Star Wars birthday for my son Berlyn.

Some of the sites that I found were:

We created a FUN menu and a fondant covered cake for him with both the good and the dark side of the force.

We then made an INCREDIBLE menu – Han Burgers, Light Saber Dogs, Sarlac Wraps, Degoba Dip, Bantha Beans, and of course Han in Carbonite (only thing that I was missing was the Vader Taters)YODA SODA!

Looking for a star wars font? I found one here:

Try out some new photographic techniques

I take photos. I take mostly people photos… trying a “new” type of digital photography is one thing that I am often hesitant in trying. Try photographing a shape with it’s shadow. Here are some black and white samples that I took in downtown Prescott last weekend.

Some of my latest Class Work – 3D Design

I know that I have been MIA for the last month. I am excited to start “showing off” some of my projects for school.

3D design has been a blast and I plan on using some of the projects (in a simpler form) with the kids at home. Shelby is DYING to create an Arizona flag out of cardboard like I did in class.
Here are the samples of the AZ Flag – 100% used cardboard (glue and paint)

We also had to create a sphere that we had to roll. It had to measure 12 inches diameter and could only use paint, cardboard and glue (NO TAPE).