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Revisiting Garlic

If you have been following our blog for a while, you know how important it is for us to have a garden. We love fresh produce and it helps off-set the cost in the summer, not to mention that we eat every night during the summer months with at least one thing from our garden on our table. This last summer, we bought a box full of Russian Red garlic (Here is the link!! CLICK ME!) We planted it in my “old bathtub” outside by the backyard patio. I was watering yesterday and LOOK!!! We have about 35 of them coming up now so far!!!!


Note to self – Do NOT let Berlyn help  water ANYTHING in the yard unless you want rocks in the flower bed. 🙂

And so it begins… the quest for less dirt in the yard!

I LOVE my house. It is big enough for everyone! We have a schoolroom, I have a studio. There are 4 bedrooms and a TON of land for us… however, the land is all dirt. I want plants and trees to bring birds and butterflies and bees…. My amazing husband has been put out on a quest to make that happen.

Lar and I have been collecting all of our landscaping goodies for months… and this weekend was BEAUTIFUL! So, outside we went… wrangling every kid, including my nephews for landscaping. My youngest nephew Jake looked at me and said… so we are doing yardwork then? I told him that “landscaping” can go on his resume but yardwork couldn’t!!!! LOL

OK… So here is our yard at the beginning… just dirt (I have new climbing roses in the red pot(there are 3 on the patio)

This weekend we managed to get the 9 fence posts in the ground cemented.  The new grapevines are in my greenhouse window staying warm for a few more weeks. The trellis to go on the fence posts is in the garage waiting for next weekend.


And, we have started our garden – yes I know that it is a bit early, but we needed to get the onion in the ground before it heats up or they may not take. So we have the first of the  raised beds filled and planted!!! Lar and I plan on added steps in the hill next weekend (as long as the weather agrees!)


Digital Scrapbook FREEBIE! Marker Alphabet Olive

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Planting Pineapples? Fun Homeschool Project!

One day I came across a youtube video about growing your own pineapple plants… We just HAD to try. This week there were bulk pineapples on our bountiful basket and we picked up not 1 but 2 cases. After we dried 1 case, we decided to try and plant a few. What a blast we had doing this.

Check out this FUN Video:

Our Visit to St. George

Last week, Larry’s Grandmother passed away. Although we are all sad, she was an amazing woman and lived over 90 years. We had such a great visit with family… I guess a bit of a family reunion, only without the best circumstances that brought it on. I got a chance to get a few pictures of almost all of the Fullmer Grandkids (missing Earl’s daughter, Lexie)

Pictured here: Griffen, Elwyn, Berlyn, Shelby (standing behind), Rowan, Quinton and Brinley.

The only time that we didn’t have rain and snow was the afternoon that we were driving into town.It was so bright and beautiful.


Mr. Berlyn LOVES his Papa Gary.

I don’t know, Aunt Anza, but I think that miss Shelby is finally taller than you are!! 🙂


This last photo was one of GG LuCylle’s favorite places and I know that she was smiling down to see her great grandchildren feeding “her” ducks.  We have to say goodbye to GG. Lucy

LuCylle Bell Pace 1919 – 2011