I know that I will never win my war against the dirt on our mini kid ranch… but this battle is turning more and more into FUN! There is no way to landscape ALL of the dirt in our yard… however, we have round 2 completed!!!

The first section of trellis wall is up – yep, all 32 feet is up and hanging. The flower bed edges are in… and about 1/2 of the soil is in the flowerbed.

What do I need to do to complete this (slave labor was complaining this morning that it was too windy to “work” outside) so we stopped…for now. 🙂

I need about 10 more sacks of potting soil. I need about 4 more wheelbarrows of “ZooPoo”. Good thing that we have llamas living next door at Vic and Lana’s!! I need to put the “end caps” on the flower bed (which means that Lar has to get out the saw and half one of the ties!!! And I need to plant my grapes which also means that I need to chicken wire them so that those meddling black labs can’t dig… I think that “dig-up-mom’s-new-plants” is all 3 of their middle names, well, that is if dogletts  had middle names. Calling them meddling is funny… can you tell that Berlyn and I watched ScoobyDoo earlier?

Here are 3 more photo shots of the latest version of our yard. 🙂