Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stage 1 Landscaping…DONE

Lar and I finally finished our stage 1 of landscaping. This is what I was hoping to accomplish this year (and what we budgeted for) Boysenberries, raspberries and grapes planted on the trellis, between are strawberries, mint and lavender.  We have planted 5 trees – 2 silver maple in the top patio area, 2 chokecherries down the steps to the garden. The 4 garden beds are in and onions are planted in one of them. Lar made me 2 sets of steps down my hill – one to the garden and one towards my parent’s house. (we have metal fencing up against my trellis so the dogs don’t dig up in the fresh dirt for now)


My much awaited graduation is HERE!

Today is the day for my much anticipated graduation from Yavapai College. I do not know what my future plans are….Yet… I may go back next semester depending on the financial aid situation for my photo Certificate (although with gas prices, that might NOT happen.) I have been looking at a few other colleges for my BA in Photography, again, the financial aid situation – I will NOT take out student loans.

I might take off next semester. Lar and I are planning on getting our foster care license and keep getting bumped in the class because of my night classes because they would fall on the same day. Both Rowan and Berlyn will be in Kindergarten in the fall, so I might just need to take that special time with them.

My parents and ESPECIALLY my sister have been AMAZING through this, helping with kidlett juggling when my husband (or should I say poor single dad of 5) this last semester had to work or get kids to activities.

When one door closes, another few open … and there are so many to choose from.

{photos coming}