Monthly Archives: September 2011

Love Football games (especially of local teams)

I LOVE going to football games for the local kids. I remember watching my husband play while we were in high school and it was one of my my most fond memories. I have had the honor to be invited to take photos of Glassford Hill Middle School’s 2011 Varsity team and I am having a BALL taking photos of these up and coming tweens and teens!

All of the team photos will be online for sale at my website:

Has it really been THIS long?

WOW! A lot has happened since July of this year…. Yes, I know that it is September!!!  I ended up being award additional financial aid to go back to school for by bachelors. Liberty University took and transferred 79 of my 81 credits so I started my B.S. in Education with an emphasis in Art!  I am so excited to be doing this.

Lar and I began foster/adoption classes at the end of July and a have only 2 more classes to go!!! YEAH!! We are not certain what we are going to do as of yet. But, both know that we are missing someone in our family.So I can see adoption in our future (maybe not for 5 years, but we both see it! Our main goal right now is to finish these classes (I have a TON of paperwork to do this week for Thursday!)

We transferred out of pack 617 in Chino for Griffen and Larry in cub scouts and found an EXTREMELY Successful Pack in Prescott. We are still helping with popcorn and with Webelos, only there is NO DRAMA! Go figure! I thought that it was just natural… but it isn’t! It’s like hitting the EASY BUTTON now!

Our garden has about expired. We have gotten a TON of crops and am in the process of canning, freezing and drying EVERYTHING (Plus another 350 pounds of fruit that I bought – Cherries are in my NEW Excalibur 3900 Dehydrator as I type.)

We did make a family choice and put Berlyn in public school for this school year and he is getting a lot of help with his Special Needs teachers.  Seems to be doing well, that is until he comes home and EXPLODES everything that he bottled up during the day.

My photography business is keeping me busy, but I am extremely thankful for everything that God has put in front of me!