MIA this week – Sumertime activities – Leaving the house to the pool

I can not take credit for this beautiful photo of the Doce fire…It was taken by a friend from high school, Chade Woodard Arnold . We live the direction that the smoke is blowing. 🙁

I wanted to post an apology for this week. I don’t know if it has been on your local news, but there is a forest fire (The Doce Fire in Prescott, AZ) less than 10 miles from our home. We were actually on a possible smoke evacuation watch because of the air quality.

Here is the smoke wall that was raining ash at our house. 🙁


So this morning, because the winds hadn’t picked back up and the smoke was still at a minimal, we decided to venture to the pool. There were only a few other families there so it was much easier for the boys. The water was a bit chilly so here we are enjoying the warm June sun in northern Arizona. By afternoon it was smoke filled again in our area, eyes were itchy and everyone took GREAT NAPS! (hey, 5 of 7 sleeping, I am a proud mama!)