Essential Oil Tuesday – Homemade Pain Ointment


I hate taking medicine. I have always HATED popping a pill to feel better. I wanted to find an all natural solution and it looks like I did.

2 weeks ago, I had a removal of a portion of my thyroid along with a “interesting” tumor.  I was given pain meds for the soreness and swelling.  There was a lot of swelling! Instead of taking meds with a ton of side effects,  I opted for essential oils!

This is the EASIEST recipe. and then you just take a little and RUB it on the sore and swelling. I am a believer as I haven’t taken pain meds for my neck! (And Tall Man has given a few massages in the process as well! YEA!)


Homemade Pain Cream



In a 4ounce glass mason jar, heat coconut oil until a liquid. Drop in 10 drops of PanAway Essential Oil. Stir well and a let cool over night. The coconut oil will turn back into a solid state.  Rub on body as needed.

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