Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide

essentialoilbook-lookwhatigotI am SO impressed with this Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide and the oils at Young Living that I wanted to SHARE!

I have ordered 20 of these books, knowing that they will be beneficial to everyone who starts using Essential Oils. – Anyone who signs up online with one of the $150 kits (I recommend the Premium Starter Kit ($150) ) at www.youngliving.com/krismazy will receive this book as a gift from me.

This 394 page book talks about how essential oils work, how to use safely, talks about different single oils and different blends available, techniques in application and a personal usage section that includes everything from acne to depression, from lice to tonsillitis. (As you can see I have bookmarks of my MOST USED PAGES in mine!)

As my friend Sue said “The gift of health – how awesome is that?”