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Dehydrating Strawberries

strawberriesIt’s that time of year again…. SPRING and strawberries are in full bloom at home and available at the grocery store (or as my grandma used to say, “the market.” Every year, I manage to pick up a TON of strawberries and dehydrate them.

What do you use those for you might ask… HELLO? EATING! No really….

    • We have strawberries as every day snacks. I mix them with other dried fruit for car trips and snacks for camping. ( well, and really everyday snacks because that is what I have for kids to grab.)
    • We make our our granola and mix dried strawberries into that.
    • Homemade instant oatmeal becomes strawberries and cream – That recipe is even in my mixes cookbook.
    • You can re-hydrate and mix into fruit smoothies.
    • Infuse dried strawberries in your drinking water or lemonade.
    • Chop fine and put in yogurt.  (If you grind it, you can make strawberry yogurt out of home-made plain (or store-bought)

  • Mix chopped up strawberries with honey and butter for a delicious spread for your morning toast!


Strawberries are EASY to dehydrate too! I pop off the stems, (my chickens love these) slice into 4 or 5 slices, and line up on the dehydrator trays.  Dehydrate according to the directions of your dehydrator.

We have and use 2 of the Excluibur 9-tray Dehydrators (My mom and sister both have these as well!)