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Hard-boiled Eggs – STEAM THEM INSTEAD!!!

So seriously, even with all of these chickens, did you know that I can not stand eggs? I have NEVER hard-boiled an egg in my life nor have I ever eaten one… I am thinking that the smell is just EEEWWW. Don’t Judge Me!!! I know… WEIRD, Right?!?!  I do like eggs in my cakes and muffins. As a matter of fact, I prefer duck eggs in my cakes because they whip creamier and fluffier.

Hard Boiled EggsI had to dig out one of my cookbooks to even figure it out!! LOL I will eat scrambled well and omlettes on a rare occasion, but I am not one to eat eggs.

So seriously, I started thinking about all of the snacks that would benefit my kids… And being that eggs are yellow and white protein, some of my little boys need that extra protien in their diet. (Ahem, Berlyn, Mr. Autism!)

I do have several kids (thanks to my sister, Jen at www.turningcrunchy.com) who love deviled eggs made with her home-made mayo. Jen brings deviled eggs to Sunday dinner often and Trystan and Berlyn go “APES” over those!!

Ok, so I put 12 eggs in a pot of cold water, along with 1/4 cup white vinegar and a pinch of salt. I turned on the stove and started heating up the eggs.  (So far, so good! Just following directions!!!)

Once the water boiled, I set the times for 7 minutes (from the notes of my grandma’s recipe card!) I put the cooked eggs in ice water to cool. I tried to peel them!!! EPIC FAIL! I couldn’t get the shell off of my eggs!!!! Berlyn sat and peeled 5 of them for himself anyway, so I don’t feel too bad. And he ate every bit of them!!

ABM_1413241808To the phone I go!   My sister Jen is AMAZING and one of my favorite Go-To peoples for things like this

**** My sister gave me an even better trick!!***

STEAM THEM! –  Ok… Into the steamer they go! 25 minutes of steaming, drop them into ice water for 3 minutes and the shells came RIGHT OFF!!! The trick is to crack the end, roll in your hands and peel just below the membrane.

The other trick is fresher eggs peel better… I had a dozen store bought (yes, I know!! This was before we were gifted so many new layers!) and they peeled horribly.