Daily Archives: October 25, 2014

Compost and Worms

Composting and worms - krisnadlarry.comAfter we were gifted some beautiful new hens, Griffen noticed that they liked to dirt bathe. After all of the crazy monsoon rains, the dirt in the coop packed down. I took a shovel out to loosen some of the ground up to let the chickens have a place to scratch loose dirt and when I flipped over the dirt, I noticed HUNDREDS of earthworms!!!

This mama was on a mission! I kept digging around the coop and there were worms in every shovel that I flipped…. Out came the lawn mower and it’s trailer. Griffen and my nephews, Brent and Jakey, filled the trailer for me to move over to my compost pile!

There was “gold” in that poo! My compost will be BEAUTIFUL for the garden next year!!!

The boys are bringing a wheelbarrow every day to my compost pile in my garden… And they LOVE to do it because they get to play with WORMS!!! (Hey, and mom’s compost pile is getting bigger and bigger too!)