Happy Happy birthday, Elwyn!

happybirthdayEL11 years ago today, Elwyn was born. This little beauty showed up 3 weeks early in a different YEAR than we expected. But, this DIVA showed up beautiful as can be.

I love you because you are smart, beautiful, talented, funny, an amazing hair dresser and make-up artist. You are a chicken whisperer and have a way with cats (especially yours which we have had a year and I ONLY see on your bed.)

Over the years, you have given your mama quite a few scares with your allergies. And I thank GOD for you every day!

You have become an AMAZING young woman… and an even more fabulous daughter and sister to all of your siblings, even if the boys get on your nerves.

I love homeschooling you… I love watching you Irish Dance… and I am still trying to figure out HOW you can do that back-bend!

SOOO MUCH! (in my silly El voice!)

Happy 11th birthday Beautiful!