Pepper, our newest Nubian goat2015 is the year that we transform our home and gardens to a self-sustaining homestead. Our first step is adding goats for milk and meat.  I know… Some think that this is strange. But it is our way of life.

On December 27, we got to bring Frankie home. He is a neutered St. Croix sheep and the companion to Pepper, our new Nubian goat. Pepper was taken to our friend, Jessi’s homestead for breeding. ( ) she got to come to her new home on December 29. Frankie cried and cried for Pepper. You should have seen him when we got Pepper home! He pranced around!

What a sweetheart Pepper is, too.  The kids are loving every minute of having them both here.

Frankie, our new St. Croix sheepWhat is our goal with goats? With Trystan’s severe intolerances to both gluten and lactose, we hope to add milk back into our household and want to make our own cheeses.  Don’t get me wrong, we do have some milk and cheese In the house, I just want more! We want to make our own soap as well. We should, keeping our fingers crossed,  have a baby or two born at the end of May.  We know that Trystan’s tummy can handle goat milk too.

Over the last month, the kids and I have put up a fence, built and installed 4 gates. We had many of our amazing neighbors drop of supplies while we working. We had a chicken coop and a wooden goat feeder were also given to the kids. We are truly blessed!