Building a Goat barn out of pallets

We have taken the week off from many of the “extra” projects that we have to get done around the house. It rained and snowed over 2 inches on Monday. And on Tuesday, we took a field trip to the Rennasance festival down in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Last weekend before the crazy wet weather arrived, we had barely finished our pallet barn for the goats. It was super easy to build. Each stall is 4 pallets x 2 pallets. We picked up 2x4s for the framing for the roof… Boy did we learn many things that we wouldn’t do “next” time. But we did bond building it.

I learned that Griffen is a Ninja Cowboy….monkeying up on the frame to screw in the metal roofing. I learned that not all pallets are the same size and consistency in wood. I learned that it took about 3times as many 2x4s as I thought that it would. I learned that The chickens like this barn as much as the goats. I learned that we can tear up drill bits trying to get everything screwed together.

And I learned how much fun my kids and I can have working together on a project like this.