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Happy 8th Birthday, Rowan

I love you because you are my baby.

I love you because you are amazing, smart and funny.

I love you because you love to hold my hand every chance you get.

I love you because you took your time being born (70 hours of labor was more than the other kids combined.)

I love you because you were born backwards and upside down and you know how to make an entrance.

 love you for your smile and laughter.

I love that you will work our farm in Pjs or in high heels.

I love how you are so quiet and then when by yourself, you talk and talk and talk.

I love that you always want your toe nails polished, just like me.

I love you because you are finally reading and last night after reading a fortune from you cookie, you reminded me of that!

I love you because you are my Rowey, my Ya-Ya, my Rosie, my Roan, my Poepoe burger (I have no idea where all of those nicknames came from.)

I love you because you are my little girl and God blessed me with you. I would not have it any other way!

I love you because you are so individual and you are YOU!

Happy 8th birthday to my Rowan Marie Aidyn Fullmer!

Welcome to October on our homestead!

IMG_20151011_130452195 It is a beautiful October day up here in northern Arizona. A lot has happened in the last month. We have (as a whole family, including my parents and sister and her family) picked up a steer. TBone will fill up our freezer in about 8 months or so. He is a bit thin, so we are “fattening” him up. 



Berlyn is continuing to be homeschooled with the other kids. Autism will not stop this handsome guy!IMG_20151019_140630719
Meet Fern! She is a KuneKune sow to breed with our Wilbur.  3 of the kids joined 4H this season for swine market, swine breeding, rabbits, goats and poultry. 

We officially got back the first of the goat’s registrations back from ADGA (American Dairy Goat Assoc.) 4 more to go this season!