I love Staycations!

The best part about after Christmas in our house is that my husband, Larry, always takes off 2 weeks from work (He works for a local school district and is a 12-month employee which means that he works summers and breaks.) Not all people who work for the schools get summers off. 🙂 We try not to make any real plans. (We are visiting Trystan down at his facility in Scottsdale for a day – For those that didn’t know, we enrolled Trystan in a psychiatric facility for kids to help him with some of his ongoing issues to help him heal. Trauma in foster/adopted kids who were previously abused is a difficult thing to overcome and heal from with many of these kids. )

We always do a staycation during this time. And get caught up on everything around the house. Today, I am painting my living room. I want to redecorate. I am hoping to find a buffet or other cabinet to refinish and put in the living room. I saw some really great ones at hobby lobby yesterday, but I have a much smaller budget than those were.

Berlyn took an online class to learn the basics for the Ukulele. This was one of Breckin’s favorite things in the entire world. I am so thrilled that Berlyn wanted to take a class on it. And used Breckin’s Ukulele too. 

My teaching schedule hasn’t changed any and I did teach 6 ESL online classes this morning before the kids even got out of bed. (Although, I did take off Dec 24th and Dec 25th) . I also took off the 31st and the 1st so that my family could celebrate the holiday with our family traditions. 

So, my goals for this week are to get the living room painted and make a few more farm signs to put up around the fireplace/stove. I want to get the backsplash for the kitchen ordered. (Some old barn wood that is already cut thin.) And I want to start figuring out what I want to update in the kids’ bathroom. 

I hope that all of you had a GREAT Christmas holiday.  God bless each of you.