Daily Archives: December 31, 2018

Family Traditions for New Years

With New Years fast approaching, what are some of your family traditions that you have in your house? What are some that your parents or grandparents did with you?

Here are a few of ours:

New Year’s Eve: We make and “graze” on finger foods all day. On the menu, this year is mozzarella cheese sticks, flauntas, jalapeno poppers, spanikopita/filled pastries, meatballs, nachos, etc. We play board games and stay in comfy clothes all day long. When the ball drops, we head outside with pots and pans and spoons and ring in the new year. The inside for some “kid” champagne (sparkling apple cider).

Yea, real party animals in my house. But, I have to say, my kids love it and know that we always do this. My oldest daughter was disappointed that she had to work overnight tonight and miss some of the game time.

We have been doing ours for year after year