Take time for yourself

We celebrate every day as a new day at our home. Once every other week, we (someone with mom) in the house takes a trip down to Phoenix (2-1/2 hours each way) to visit with Trystan on his long journey or recovery. The big guy went down with me and we had a heart to heart with Trystan about how he is doing and expected behaviors.

After our visit, Larry and I headed to “Dave and Busters”. We had never been there before. The food was pretty good “Pub Style” food and we played some games and without kids. I had to take a photo of the Star Wars game to show Berlyn what he will be able to go on the next time that he goes with me. After, we walked around the little outdoor mall and visited a bookstore. I had forgotten how they smell. I love the smell of books.

Remember to take time out for yourself, even when you don’t think that you needed it. It can do wonders for yourself and for your relationships. 🙂