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Families with Autists or SP Kids!! Weighted FROG

I have discovered the best thing since sliced bread! No seriously!! Listen to me! If you have a child with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder and have considered a weighted blanket, TRY THIS! 

So many of you know our journey with our amazing little autist. Berlyn is growing up on us! I have always wanted a weighted blanket, but have not been able to afford its hefty price tag. I am not a good enough seamstress to sew one together to last the CRAZINESS that my Berlyn would put it through. 

We found this frog and it is the best $50 I have ever spent. He puts it on his lap, chest, shoulders, head…. He does it without anyone telling him to as if the doll tells him to do it. This frog has become a part of our family over the last several weeks. Berlyn is focusing more on his schoolwork now too. 

If you are interested, Click on the link below and check them out. There are also lizzards, snakes and even a dolphin. The one that we picked up for Berlyn weighs 2.5kg ( about 5.5 pounds). They also come in other weights too.

Living with Autism

In all honesty, can you say that you know all about autism? Living with a child who is high functioning autistic can prove to be a challenge at times.

Berlyn gets overwhelmed at times and when asked why he is yelling of pulling on his ears, he replies that he is trying to stop all of the noise in his head. It allows him to express what he needs in his own way. We are a fortunate family to have a high-functioning autistic child who has learned to communicate and function in everyday life, albeit difficult at times for him. I fully believe that Berlyn can not turn his brain off and we see this a lot at bed time. I know that there are times when I have so much going on that I can not sleep and I think that he goes through the same, but every day!

Yesterday, he came home from school on the first day back to school after Christmas break just spitting nails. 2nd grade is proving to be harder and harder for him this year.

I am a tough mom. A mom who will not ever see Autism as a disability. Do I want people to understand WHY he yells and has tantrums in public? YES. Do I want them to treat him any differently than other kids? NO! I totally feel that he is not only going to thrive as an adult, but is a brilliant individual who will one day change the world..

Berlyn has a way about him. A way to whittle himself into you. He thinks differently and for that I am grateful to God for teaching me that not all children can fit into a single box. He is our “Autist” and he paints our world with his color.


Berlyn, the cat whisperer.
Berlyn, the cat whisperer.