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Discovering Education – Creating Lapbooks

Creating Lapbooks for your child’s homeschool program is a GREAT way to bring out that budding crafter in your house. 

Lapbooking is a creative way to use a file folder and create a “book” or research report. 

Our house tries to break out of the normal routine by creating a lapbook and presenting an oral report on the topic. 


krisandlarry-lapbooktemplates.pdf (92 downloads)

Have a Cricut Air – Here is the online link to the file. https://design.cricut.com/#/design/111471747


Spring fever – brings on Alphabet Lap Books

We have had beautiful weather for the last 2 weeks – I am talking 70+ degrees and just like unpredictable Arizona monsoons in the summer, today is dead and dreary. For the next few days, our high is not supposed to even reach 50 and we have rain and snow in the forcast. What to do with 5 kids (besides their normal school work) while the weather is yucky?

I am prepping Berlyn for Kindergarten and even though we do it at home, I am having to still get him ready. He has 0% attention span and has ALWAYS been like that.

We have started an alphabet set of lap books just for him. We walk around the house saying the letter sound and find photos of items that start with that letter – cut out of newspaper ads, magazines, etc.

He was very excited to do “B” today.  We take a manilla folder and fold it differently and start gluing.