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Spaceman Word Spacer – homeschooling

ABM_1408404168I am always looking for ways to help my munchkins on writing.  When I was student teaching, the kindergarten teacher had these COOL SPACEMEN word spacers to help the kids learn to space their word when they write.

You will need a clothes pin, white paint, sky blue paint, a red and black sharpie.



  • Paint your clothes pin white.
  • Let dry.
  • Add a blue semi-circle for the helmet.
  • Draw your clothes (follow my sample if you need help) using the sharpie.
  • Repeat on the back side of the clothespin.

This serves as a little reminder that there are spaces between each word while your littles are writing. My 3rd grader just pins it to the top of his paper. My 1st graders use it while they are practicing writing.

To use, have the kiddling write their first word. Please the spaceman on their paper after the word and then start writing their next word. It puts a finger wide space in between each word on their papers until they can remember to SPACE!

Homework time

After school can be CRAZY, especially in a house with 7 children. We have 3 homeschooled and 4 in public school this year. They boys get off of the bus at about 3:30 and as soon as they get home grab a snack box snack and homework. We have discovered if we don’t get on homework right away, then they are too tired to complete anything later.

El has taken it upon herself to always sit with the boys and help them with their school work. She normally has her own lessons done by lunch-time.


Spring fever – brings on Alphabet Lap Books

We have had beautiful weather for the last 2 weeks – I am talking 70+ degrees and just like unpredictable Arizona monsoons in the summer, today is dead and dreary. For the next few days, our high is not supposed to even reach 50 and we have rain and snow in the forcast. What to do with 5 kids (besides their normal school work) while the weather is yucky?

I am prepping Berlyn for Kindergarten and even though we do it at home, I am having to still get him ready. He has 0% attention span and has ALWAYS been like that.

We have started an alphabet set of lap books just for him. We walk around the house saying the letter sound and find photos of items that start with that letter – cut out of newspaper ads, magazines, etc.

He was very excited to do “B” today.  We take a manilla folder and fold it differently and start gluing.

It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks….

After going to the zoo a few weeks ago, the next day, I was covered in HIVES!!! Maybe I am allergic to Giraffe tongues. HA!

Berlyn turned 4!!! Why? He is so funny about being a “big boy” now. I just wish that Larry’s family would have acknowledged it.  Seems that Valentine’s Day was more important to them. 🙁 And he was sad that no one from Lar’s side of the family called him.

School has been a KILLER this semester!!! I am really starting to enjoy my balck and white photography class. Here are a few of the shots from my first portfolio. I got a 96% on it!!

(However Lar bought me a new Nikon Digital DSLR Camera – SO I am thinking that I am going to stick with digital after this class. 🙂 )

Kiddletts My Girls

Griffen at the Zoo

I am finished with Elsie’s Style school. Haven’t quite finished all of the projects, but plan on using in to decorate my NEW HOUSE!!!

My dad won an auction for Lar and I on a 4 bedroom house right next door to him and the paperwork finally got here!! WOOHOOOO!!! So, it looks like in about 6 weeks or so, we are moving.

Our New House

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