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Homeschool Curriculum Review – High School Physics

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KrisandLarry.com homeschool Approved.

High school Physics, homeschool curriculum – GuestHallow.com

After 16 full years of homeschooling up to 8 children at a time, this mama knows what she is looking for and that is normally the easy button. The site GuestHallow has some amazing year long curriculum available to purchase. They are full everything I needed to teach my children including a weekly schedule, list of books and other supplies that I will need for the entire class. And it was created by a homeschool family!!! I love supporting other homeschoolers! I am seriously impressed. The best part is that both of my high schoolers are excited about taking this class with me They like hands on science and conducting experiments. (And to be honest, I am just as excited as they are. Physics was one of my favorite science classes in high school!!)

Visit our amazon store at https://www.amazon.com/shop/krismazy?listId=2GHCM7RLFPYIX We have listed the two books that we featured and also many others.

Exploring the world of Physics – https://amzn.to/31sgR2D

Junk Drawer Physics Experiments – https://amzn.to/2YJju3n

Science for this year in homeschooling

I was struggling to find a curriculum that I wanted to use for Science for my younger crew. Eureka! I have found it!!! 

This hands-on box called the Groovy Lab in a box is available on Amazon as a monthly kit order. We signed up for the auto order. August is all about PULLEYS. There are 6 projects in the 24 page color instructions with a full step by step.

It is going to be a time saver for mom. I don’t have to research or dig anything up to create any science experiments. And I quickly pulled up information on Sir Isaac Newton for a quick lap book (his name and a brief paragraph is on the first page of the book.)

At the end of the month, I will post photos and video on how Grayson, Rowan and Berlyn did building these projects

She’s gonna BLOW!! Our volcano experiment

Today was Tuesday experiment day!! We built a volcano and then let it EXPLODE!!!

Started with a plastic water bottle… cut the top and bottom off and duct taped together.Covered one of my metal trays in foil.

Next, we covered in cardboard (used a instant oatmeal box) to make it “volcano” shaped.

We covered the frame in foil and then rolled and added clay to the outside of the “frame”.

The kids insisted on painting it brown!! 🙂

Then we added baking soda(about 4 tablespoons) to the inside of the volcano (inside the water bottle). And slowly poured red tinted vinegar inside (about 1/2 Cup at a time)… Houston, we have liftoff!