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June 19th Aquaponics & Turkeys on homestead

krisandlarry.com - lettuce from aquaponics
krisandlarry.com – lettuce from aquaponics

I love what our family has built from the ground up. We are finally harvesting from our aquaponics grow beds. Our baby turkeys are now outside and beginning to gobble. Our homestead is a dream come true for us.

Check out our videos below. (made on a REALLY hot day in northern AZ. We actually have a heat warning today.)


June 12 – Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys

Turkeys at krisandlarry.comIt’s June 12 and we are continuing our goal of doing something every day as a family.

We had a crazy morning where my “triplets of terror” (Breckin, Berlyn and Trystan) were really above anything that I was willing to deal with in public. Therefore, we missed both our homeschool park day and going to the special needs program at the park. Not a happy mommy here.

Today’s project – besides our regular school work (today is an astronomy lesson) is getting the turkeys moved from my garage, since the little escape artists are taking over the entire garage and wreaking havoc almost hourly. (There is one trying to gobble too and I can hear him from anywhere in the house from his perch in the garage.)

They (as in ALL of them) have figured out how to pull off the bird netting from their pen even with every different type of tying and fixture that I could think of to get it to stay atop. Every time I go into the garage, at least one of them is out of their pen, perched on something in the garage staring at me as if saying “Just try and chase me, Mama. Just try.”

We have not finished the whole pen… but we will get there soon.