What a month February was

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On Valentine’s Day (Also Berlyn’s Brithday) My sister and I received a call that my grandma wasn’t doing well and that we needed to get to California. 23 minutes later, we were in the car with Rowan and driving the 7 hour treck to Hesperia where my grandma has lived for 20 years.

We got there and she seemed to be do “ok”. She has been on Chemo for MONTHS and had a cold. So my sister and I got to work… cooking, cleaning and getting her and my Uncle Mike a bit more organized.

My mom was on a cruise and when she and my dad finally ported, we got a call (at 3am mind you since they were in FL! LOL)

My mom got out to CA the next day and I headed home. Remember Lar had the other 4 kids plus my nephews (and my Ex-brother-in-law is worthless and never even called his kids, let alone volunteered to take them.)

4 days later, my mom and sister brought my grandma back to AZ so that we could all help her get over this cold. Little did we know, that wasn’t the issue.

On Monday, Feb 23, my grandma was lethargic (sp?). And My dad and mom and Mikey took grandma to the hospital. They checked her in. The DR’s started doing test and a catsnac revieled that she now has a cancer tumor in her brain.

WOWWIE!!! This has turned!! Hospice came in and took a look … and we admitted my grandma to a local in-patient Hospice unit.

Today, it is day 9 there. She is sleeping… and hasn’t been awake in days. GG, we LOVE you.

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