The Year of organizing

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This year has been the year of organizing for our family – Especially with 3 being homeschooled and me back to school full-time.

I was talking on the phone to one of my dearest Friends – JennB (blog ChinoBillies) yesterday about her wanting to start a family binder to get organized before she has a surgery in 6 weeks…. At the beginning of the year, I had posted a few samples of my pages from my binder… so here are some more!!! I put them all on 4shared. Starting a family binder can be intimidating… where do you start? Not all of the pages will work for you… and you will want to make some of your own as well. But…here is a start for you.

I have white boards all over the house… I have a calendar one on the fridge that has menus for the next several weeks… I have a white board for the kids school and I have another calendar near my desk (white board) with daily events – color coded for each person. With a family this size – you have to stay organized. I also have a print calender that I created through Heritage Makers that I carry with me – also color coded to match the main white board one. (which matches my binder that stays at the house.)

Here are each section in PDF format.

2009 Calendar
Family Tracker
Address Book
Family Laundry Schedule
Monthly Bills
Weekly Meal Planner
Shopping List
Week By Week Calendar

Here is the entire file in Excel – – I used the font PUPCAT if you don’t already have it –

For my binder – I use a 1/2 inch one and have page dividers for each section. I DO NOT PUT SSN’s in my binder JUST IN CASE!!

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