I LOVE Saturdays

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I LOVE SATURDAYS!! Today was an AWESOME Day… a day of just being with the kiddos… This is the last Saturday before my classes start back up at the college.

This afternoon, we met all of the WOLVES from Griffen’s Wolf Pack at my dad’s shop to take down a the flag and to fold it. This was a completion for one of the requirements… The little guys were SO CUTE!

Wolf Scouts after flag ceremony

Off to church and then home for a movie… Rowey was plumb tuckered out and fell asleep on dad with watching Goonies. (If you haven’t seen that movie, you have got to pick it up. We watch it at least once a month in our house.

Rowan Sound Asleep

I will have new crafts posted tomorrow. And don’t forget my cafepress shop – for some fun crafting tee-shirts!!


Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!!

Kris Mazy

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