It’s been a CRAZY couple of weeks….

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After going to the zoo a few weeks ago, the next day, I was covered in HIVES!!! Maybe I am allergic to Giraffe tongues. HA!

Berlyn turned 4!!! Why? He is so funny about being a “big boy” now. I just wish that Larry’s family would have acknowledged it.  Seems that Valentine’s Day was more important to them. 🙁 And he was sad that no one from Lar’s side of the family called him.

School has been a KILLER this semester!!! I am really starting to enjoy my balck and white photography class. Here are a few of the shots from my first portfolio. I got a 96% on it!!

(However Lar bought me a new Nikon Digital DSLR Camera – SO I am thinking that I am going to stick with digital after this class. 🙂 )

Kiddletts My Girls

Griffen at the Zoo

I am finished with Elsie’s Style school. Haven’t quite finished all of the projects, but plan on using in to decorate my NEW HOUSE!!!

My dad won an auction for Lar and I on a 4 bedroom house right next door to him and the paperwork finally got here!! WOOHOOOO!!! So, it looks like in about 6 weeks or so, we are moving.

Our New House

So, because I have been missing in action – Here is a coupon for FREE digi items on my shopping cart.

Code is : FREEinFEB10 (It is for $3 off)

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