I LOVE March

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March is such a FUN month in our family… It is the “BIRTHDAY Month”. My sister’s beau, Jason, is on March 13th, my nephew, Brent, is March 18th, Lar is March 22nd and my dad is March 23rd. I really think that the boys want to celebrate all month, especially with cake…

Yesterday was Griffen’s Blue and Gold ceremony with scouts. Berlyn was through after the food, so I missed most of it. 🙁 It happens when you have little ones. I did get to see Grif get his Wolf Badge from Larry!!

So far, so good on my photo class. This one has been really worrying me. I LOVE digital so, this film thing is HARD! I hate not being able to see my photo instantly.

It is also the month of GREEN (My FAVORITE COLOR!!!) I have created a digital kit for St. Patrick’s Day.


Green Luck Kit

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