Month: April 2010

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Banana Cake Recipe

My Friend Linda posted this recipe…. YUMMMMMMMMY I can’t wait to try this one as well!!! Banana Cake Recipe. An incredibly moist banana cake recipe with cream cheese frosting, this is the cake to serve at the end of memorable meals. A luscious banana puree keeps it moist, and the sinfully delicious cream cheese frosting envelops the golden hued cake….

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One of my FAV recipe sites – How to cook like your Grandmother

I LOVE this site… After discovering that Elwyn was allergic to dyes, I learned VERY QUICKLY how to cook everything from scratch. No more boxed food for us!! Last year, I discovered the site: How To Cook Like Your Grandmother and follow their blog – I actually have a computer folder that keeps all of the newsletter emails that I…

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Before & After – Dressers

With 5 children, we budget a TON. I refuse to purchase furniture new with the kiddoes either. Yard Sales 100% for their rooms. last Friday, I picked up these 2 semi matching dressers at an estate sale for $10 each. (Then went to Ace Hardware here in Chino and matched pink paint to their pillowcase. So they went from THIS:…

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She’s gonna BLOW!! Our volcano experiment

Today was Tuesday experiment day!! We built a volcano and then let it EXPLODE!!! Started with a plastic water bottle… cut the top and bottom off and duct taped together.Covered one of my metal trays in foil. Next, we covered in cardboard (used a instant oatmeal box) to make it “volcano” shaped. We covered the frame in foil and then…

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Starting to make our new house into “Our House”

With kids school and my school, my work and Lar’s work, moving and unpacking, it has been quite a chore to get our house into the “Our House” feel. This week, however, the kids and I started putting their classroom together. We have converted the formal dining room into a classroom for the kids. Pictures on the finished classroom to…

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Spring fever – brings on Alphabet Lap Books

We have had beautiful weather for the last 2 weeks – I am talking 70+ degrees and just like unpredictable Arizona monsoons in the summer, today is dead and dreary. For the next few days, our high is not supposed to even reach 50 and we have rain and snow in the forcast. What to do with 5 kids (besides…

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Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (It has oatmeal in it… it has to be healthy, right?) Ingredients: 3/4 c butter, softened 1/2 c peanut butter 1c sugar 1/2 c brown sugar 1t baking powder 1/2t baking soda 2 eggs 1t vanilla 1-1/4c flour 2c rolled oats 1c chocolate chips Mix together butter and peanut butter. Add sugar, brown sugar,…

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Batter Up Word Art Freebie

Our baseball kit will be online next week – I figured that you needed a early freebie!! Digital Scrapbook Freebie – Batter up word art – Click here for the Freebie on the ScrapWarrior Shopping Cart.

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I love just being FaMiLy!!!

I have one of the best families out there. I have amazing parents, a fantastic sister and “Uncle Jason” (who I wouldn’t trade for the world), the best husband in the world and the most creative little clan out there of my 5 little wonderfuls plus the most adorable nephews here in Arizona. We all enjoy spending family time together…

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Red White and Blue… Stars and Stripes Forever!!

This move is taking a toll on me. I am so tired with school and kiddletts and their school. Sometimes I feel like I need to clone myself, but I don’t have time for that either! 🙂 I did find the box with all of my bathroom decorations!!! So, Hello RED, WHITE and BLUE!!! The bathroom isn’t quite finished (It…

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Pictures from Griffen’s Party

We had such a GREAT time at Griffen’s birthday even though we are only about 75% of the way moved… Here are some photos for you to enjoy. For those asking… the penny games are just that… all games that include the use of pennies. 🙂 Yes, those are pennies in jello!!!

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Penny for your GAMES

Griffen had been asking to have a birthday party. Since we moved to a bigger house this last week, we decided to let him have just that… What do you do for an 8-year-old boy? PENNY GAMES!!!! We chose 2 colors – Blue and Green (and bought decorations to match) Game#1 – Run By Drop: for this game, take 2…