The Simple Things

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Sometimes finding the simple things in life is hard – So many of us are running around, schedules full. We need to step back and really view what is important in life. I know… sometimes I have trouble doing this as well – between my school, kids homeschool, my work, Lar’s works, clubs, sports, etc.

Last week we found out that our “lovely” school district cut Lar’s job to make him lose our family insurance. It sickens me that the superintendent did not take a pay cut at all but that’s another story all together.

In light of all of this we thank God every day that Lar has a job in this economy.

He won’t be gone as much – spending more time with family (because he has been reduced from salary to hourly and there won’t be too much overtime)

We are planning more family walks – more snuggle time, more yard sale-ing and more gardening (we have to decorate our new yard).

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