Another day of Caching

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Kris and Berlyn finding the Chuck Wagon geocache

Lar has been off of work on vacation, or should I say “staycation” this week. we decided to load up the kids and the doggies and head out to find a few new geocaches in our area. Shelby left last night for her Rainbow Girl Grand Assembly in Tucson, so I am short ‘handed” the big sister.

The adventure began, stopping at Circle K for a few sodas… their water was out, so the adventure REbegan heading to Maverik for a few sodas and a snack for Berlyn. We headed north to a few caches north of Paulden.

Off to Jake’s Claw TB Hotel to pick up a travel bug to move to a new location today.

Then, we headed off to Industry meets Nature. Beautiful views… cash was WAY too hard woth the 4 little ones and the 3 dogs…

We passed on the travel bug to Chuck Wagon. Berlyn managed to find this cache (It is always GREAT when the little ones accomplish something.

El was the first to spot this MICRO from the woodpecker series #87

Across the highway, we headed down Old Highway 89 to Sullivan’s View – Sadly, Grif and I couldn’t find it.

2 more to go today… 2 from the woodpecker series. (#88 and #87) – We successfully found both of those. (Elly was so proud for finding one all by herself!!!!)

All in all, it was a GREAT morning geocaching with the little ones. (aside from not finding 2 of the 6 that we went on).

Our tips with kids for geocaching article did end up being posted on both and on and is in today’s newsletter for them.

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