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On July 1st, we ended up getting our health insurance cut. I was devastated. Berlyn needed to see a DR. He has not been acting himself. The temper-tantrums have been getting worse and worse. Something is wrong with him. I have always joked that he is my “special” kiddo. And really he is!

I applied over and over the last time that we needed to get the kids on insurance and it was a NIGHTMARE. We can’t afford anything on Larry’s miserable salary (that’s another story all together since the firing and re-hiring at a lower position on July 1 as well – although the school district would deny it – he is now Network administrator and now hourly – It’s always funny how the LOWEST director gets to be the sacrificial lamb but the upper directors don’t get touched)

2 weeks ago, I started the process over again. We got letters in the mail yesterday. I was approved for Arizona State health insurance, Berlyn was approved and Rowan was approved, but Shelby, Griffen and El were denied because we made $40.31 too much a month. ARGH!!!! $40 a MONTH!!ย  At first I was completely beside myself. I cried uncontrollably. Then, I realized, that none of my kids go to school. They aren’t around too many colds, they aren’t around kids who are sent to school sick because mom can’t take off of work to be home with them. We are blessed. God is still answering my prayers, even if it is not what I was praying for. Unanswered prayer are always better.

I called our DR office and they got Berlyn in yesterday – same day as his new insurance started. I miss DR Earl and am still so sad that he passed away. We did see a newer DR in the office, DR Hayes, Very Nice Guy!!!

He came up with a few “options” for Berlyn. Things that we had already suspected: Hypoglycemic and slight autistic with a Glutten allergy. I am glad that I had him confirm what we thought. He is also recommending that we take Berlyn to a Psychologist to see how he is “ticking”. (They can also diagnose the autism in writing for us so that we can get an occupational therapist to help make suggestions to better help him while we are schooling. (need to relearn how to take 3 steps forward with no steps back!)

So starting today, Berlyn NEEDS to eat every 2 hours and we have to record it – writing every thing that he eats.
Then next week, we are going gluten-free (which will be interesting because that means that we are ALL going gluten-free for Berlyn and all of us are dye free for El already! ) Can we do it?!? YES WE CAN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Off to school with the kids (still waiting for my financial aid to be deposited so that I can buy my books!)

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