This is it! Starting a new chapter today!

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Today marks the first day of my semester in school for the fall. I am taking 17 credits this semester. Can I do it? YES!!

Classes include: Journalism, Bio, Chemistry, English and Photography. Some are online, some are hybrid and some are in class. I am looking forward to only having 3 more semesters total for both my FineArts and Photography degrees. Getting there… almost there!! 🙂

Last week, I decided that I needed a “new” look for school… My hair is GONE! 13 inches cut off for donation.

So there it is… Off with her hair!

Lar took my clothes shopping this weekend… much needed clothes shopping. Thank you OVERTIME!!!

Tonight is my first class back this semester with black and white print photography… so looking forward to everything that I am going to learn there as well. I am sure that I will be seeing some familar faces in that class!

I will keep you updated on school and will have some new digital products next week… maybe even a freebie or 2! (yes, I am just teasing you!)

Kris Mazy

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