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I remember the day. I remember watching the airplanes… I remember the billowing smoke out of what was left of the towers. 9 Years ago today the world was exploding, people were dying and patriots and heroes were being created. 9 years ago, lives were lost. A reflection we all made. Shelby was 3.

2 years later, we were sending boxes to the troops… and Shelby just under 5 wrote her first letter – not to mom, but to a soldier, a man she never met. Here is the article that ws featured on an AMAZING little girl. http://www.chinovalleyreview.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=6314&SectionID=1&SubSectionID=446&S=1

Local soldier serving in Iraq is recipient of 4-year-old’s first handwriting
When Shelby Fullmer was 4 years old, she wanted to be part of the action when her Chino Valley parents and grandparents decided to put together a package for an American soldier serving in Iraq.
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Shelby Fullmer, now 5, shows the letter she wrote when she was 4 to Chino Valley resident David Andrada and his comrades who are stationed in Iraq.
It was July when Dave and Jan Mazy and Kris Mazy Fullmer and Larry Fullmer learned that a soldier who is serving with Chino Valley resident David Andrada needed some morale-boosting communication from home.
Kris, 26, went to school with David’s sister, Sara.
“”I read the letter to Shelby and my dad (Dave Mazy) and we sat down as a family and decided to put together a package for David’s friend, Chris.”
Kris said Shelby, who just turned 5 on Aug. 30, said she wanted to write a letter to go with the package.
“I’m thinking she’s just learning to read; she doesn’t know how to write yet,” Kris said. But the then-4-year-old went ahead with her letter on a kindergarten-type-writing tablet.
Written in block letters, her note says: “HI. I AM SHELBY. I AM 4. THANK YOU FOR MAKING US FREE. SHELBY FULLMER.” She added a picture of herself and her little brother, Griffen, which almost completely covers her last name.
“This is the first time that Shelby has written more than her name on a piece of paper,” her mother said. “She composed the letter herself. We didn’t tell her what to write. We only helped her with some spelling when she asked for help.”
The Mazy and Fullmer families often watch the news together and Shelby has been asking questions about war reports since April, Kris said.
“She asks questions about the soldiers and bombing and we’re very open with her,” Kris said. The Chino Valley mother simplifies her answers, saying things like, “the soldiers are there to make other people free.” Shelby’s letter shows that she understood.
“I am so proud that Shelby could understand why these soldiers are there and how important it is for them to receive the support from strangers back here in the United States,” Kris said. “I feel honored that these men get to receive this letter from my daughter, a letter that I didn’t know she could even write.”
The Mazy and Fullmer families put together a package of multiples of “snacky” foods, shampoo, soap, card games, lotion, chapstick and other items that they mailed to soldiers in Andrada’s unit. Shelby helped do the shopping.
“The postage for that box was almost $100,” Kris laughed. And worth every penny.
Dave Mazy has a list of soldiers and some items they would like to receive. For information call him at Mazy’s, 636-1262.
David Andrada’s parents, Vickey and Don, said that his friend, Chris, has been “inundated” with packages and letters and that everybody in the unit has been getting mail since David’s letter was published in July.
David is fine, his mother was happy to report, and will be back in the United States in October.

God bless our troops… our families who have lost loved ones because of terrorism. And always remember 9/11.

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