October is here and so is Soccer and Popcorn Seasons!

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Soccer season is in full form here in Chino Valley. Several weeks ago, I got to watch the girls play, both El and Shelby are on teams this year (now take it, I have class most Saturdays a month, so this year, I am not seeing too many games) and the game was horribly ref-ed. Every minute or less a foul was called always on Shelby’s team. The ref told us… “well, it’s cause my brother’s on the team!” UGH!!!

Then last weekend, I got a chance to see another game. That was the best ref-ed game I have seen in years! Seriously! The teams were pretty even, except for the fact that Shelby’s “FIREPOWER” team lost… but it was a GREAT game!!!

I was so proud of Shelby and she did awesome. Although she still needs to work on engaging the ball and having a better attitude around some of her more “cranky” boy players who don’t want to pass to a GIRL.

We closed out the weekend with Griffen selling about $1000 worth of Boy Scout popcorn at Fry’s. It put hit totals at over $1600. Man, am I proud of him!

His online ordering website is http://www.trails-end.com/estore/scouts/email_referral.jsp?id=2663332 If it does ask for his ID it’s 2663332

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