T-Shirt Scarf?

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Now, I do admit that I am creative… but after seeing this on not one but TWO of my favorite sites, I had to try it for myself.  This was SUPER EASY! (both Cut Out and Keep and Kevin & Amanda)

I went to Goodwill and found 4 shirts with $1 tags (my favorite colors) and got to work. I LOVE visiting Goodwill. Sometimes I find SUPER BARGAINS and other times nothing that really interests me.  🙂 I bought a green, blue, brown and white tee-shirt.

You can use any TEE-SHIRTS as long as they have a bit of stretch to them still. Recycle what you have in your dresser – even ones that are stained.

Now you need to start at the bottom and cut ringlets straight across the shirt –  1 inch wide. You need 7 from each shirt (not the bottom hem, you will need that one later for this project.

Next, you will need to give each of these circles a stretch and wrap them around your hand in a circle. You need to make piles to use. 🙂

This is the no-sew finale comes in… you take the hem of the shirt that you cut off at the beginning and tie pieces between each “circle” making a chain of your circles in a pattern that you choose (or make them random).

Once that you have all 28 circles chained together, then you have yourself an AMAZING new winter scarf from recycled tee-shirts.

Have a FUN and colorful start to winter and enjoy your new scarf!!

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