fall crayon leaf art

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Berlyn's Wax Paper Leaf Art

Looking for some fun fall activities for the kids? This is a FUN and EASY project, These look fabulous in your windows for fall.

What you need:

  • crayons
  • wax paper (2 equal sizes sheets)
  • leaves
  • butter knife or crayon sharpener
  • 2 cloth diapers or old kitchen towels
  • iron
  1. Take your first piece of paper (some are wax on 2 sides, other are on one) Wax up and lay it on an old dish towel or cloth diaper.
  2. Use the sharpener or butter knife to “shave” pieces of crayon
  3. Add leaves and crayon pieces to the wax paper.
  4. Add second sheet of wax paper on top on the leaves and crayon shavings to make a “sandwich”.
  5. Layer the second dish towel on top.
  6. Iron gently, making sure that you move the iron to not burn the paper. (Once the crayons are melted, you are done!!!)
  7. Trim the paper even and hang on your window!!!
Even Larry got involved with this project!!!
Rowan's Wax Paper Leaf Art
My Berlyn getting ready to work on his project
Rowan using the sharpener on her crayons
My nephew Jacob NEEDED to make one too for his window at home!!

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