Boxes for our AMAZING Troops

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Every year for the last… well more than I can count on 2 hands, my dad has packed up and sent boxes to local boys overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. We all work together, writing letters, purchasing goodies (although my dad does 98% of this). We also take time to make Christmas trees during the holidays.

These soldiers are away from their families, sometimes they have no one to send them anything, thanking them for everything that they do. Thanking them for making use FREE!

Today, the kids(everyone but  Griffen) and Brent & Jacob put together their trees to pack and send. We found little 2 ft trees at JoAnn’s and bought little foam ornaments at Michaels and Walmart. These are a fun and easy craft. The foamies that we bought are sticker backed and easy for little hands to use and create. You can just peel and stick the different layers.

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