Day: December 9, 2010

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What fun in the snow – Free e-guide for Flagstaff, AZ

I was so excited to see one of my favorite companies come out with a Flagstaff Snow guide for free… CHECK IT OUT! Kim over at has an AWESOME site with a TON of listing of things to do all over the western US. She and her crew are adding more listings all of the time (including additional states)…

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December 2010 Advent – December 9th – Make a gift for someone else today

Time to start (or finish) making gift for Christmas time. Shelby is working on gifts for people in her youth group and was going through my book of ideas when she came across these. So, I thought that I would post them. Shrinky Dink Earrings You will need the following Shrinky Dink your computer with a color prints (or you…