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Summertime Activities for Kids… Geocaching

Geocaching is such a fun and rewarding “techie game” that kids can totally get into. Our family has been geocaching for 3 years now. When we travel, we always try and look up a cache or two on the way as well, just for the fun of it. Here’s the breakdown of what geocaching is and how to start it….

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Summertime Activities for Kids… Gardening

I have several friends who are always asking me, “Kris, what do you do with your kids in the summer time. You have so many, how do you keep them entertained?? ” First off, if the Sun is out… then the TV is OFF!This is something that I implemented years ago. I don’ t want my children to turn into…

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Let’s have a celebration!

If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly! I always say that…so we knew that we needed to have a party for the whole family to celebrate our adoption.    We invited many of our family and friends… The highlight (besides the jumpy castle – THANK YOU CHINO RENTALS!!!) was the trail mix bar – letting kids (old and young) create…

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It has been a journey for us… a long and grateful journey that is coming to an end and allowing us to be the official parents of 2 more AMAZING little boys. This is the reason that the blog has been neglected… I had a hard time sharing about our family and not being able to share 100%. Trystan and…

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Home-made Biscuits!!! Yes, Please.

Home-made Biscuits!!! Yes, Please. Ingredients 4 cups All Purpose Flour 2 Tbs baking powder 2 Tsp salt 2 Tbs granulated sugar 2/3 cup of shortening 2 cup of milk or buttermilk   Directions Preheat your oven to 425 degrees In a large bowl mix together all the dry ingredients. Cut in the shortening. until what’s in the bowl resembles coarse…