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SMkids-adoption-046It has been a journey for us… a long and grateful journey that is coming to an end and allowing us to be the official parents of 2 more AMAZING little boys. This is the reason that the blog has been neglected… I had a hard time sharing about our family and not being able to share 100%.

Trystan and Breckin have been living with us since July of 2012 and are now officially adopted into our family. I have been asked, with all of the stress and drama that it entails to adopt through Foster Care, would we do it again. And I can simply answer that as “Yes, I would!” There are many things that I would do differently. But, I would all over again to save a child and show them what a true family is.

The court dates can get crazy. The time spent researching and relearning how to be a parent is just as undesirable as stabbing yourself with a fork. But now that this chapter in our life is closing and we can focus on making the best possible life for my new little boys, I can sit back and see that God has given Larry and I patience. And i get to actually share them with my family and friends.

It is a GREAT journey to accomplish and we are so grateful to my children’s birth parents that they, although they don’t know it, the gift that they have given to us is one that I will never forget.

My boys came from a hard life, a hard 4 and 6 years, one where they didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, where they didn’t know if they would be starved or beaten. Now, they can understand that they came from the exception and not the norm. We are a normal loving Christian family, accepting who they are and where they came from. The journey will continue to be rocky, but we are here for the long haul.

A friend of mine passed away this last week, giving life to her child as she slipped into heaven to be his guardian angel. “They passed each other momentarily as they entered their new home.” (Rex Galbraith, brother of Katrina)  Katrina left this world and her husband and 6 children and it makes me look at what God has in store for each of us. In her passing, I have relearned who I am as a mom and know that we never know when we will be called home.

“Your children will become who you are;

so be who you want them to be.”

So, as I reflect on this incredible journey, I see that I will be the best mom that I can be, I will teach each of my children to follow their light, no matter where it takes them and I will say my prayers every day for my family & friends, and my new boys birth family because I am thankful that they had my children and I was gifted them. Now, however there are 7 against two… Lar and I had better watch out!!


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