Summertime Activities for Kids… Geocaching

Geocaching is such a fun and rewarding “techie game” that kids can totally get into. Our family has been geocaching for 3 years now. When we travel, we always try and look up a cache or two on the way as well, just for the fun of it.

Here’s the breakdown of what geocaching is and how to start it.

  1. You have a GPS.
  2. Log into and get the coordinates of a location near you – make sure that you read the description too, there may be clues in it.
  3. Enter the coordinates into your GPS.
  4. Take you and your kids out to the coordinates
  5. Find the hidden treasure (and when I say treasure, I mean a container)
  6. Sign the log in the contain with your geocache name, exchange goodies (AKA swag – we carry a bag of army men in the car with us.)
  7. Return the “cache” to the same place that you found it for the next person.

My kids have such a BLAST going geocaching. We invested in a $100 GPS that is specifically for caching and during the summer, we go once a week out to find a cache or two. If we are going to be gone for more than 3, we pack a picnic lunch. blog-geocaching-griffenGeocaching allows us to work together as a family, using clues to find a “treasure:. We get outside, away from TVs, computers and cell phones to hike and exercise our minds and our bodies.

We use it as part of our homeschooling.

There are also treasures that are in the container that range from something the size of the end of your fingernail (MICRO) to ammo cans and 5 gallon buckets. There could also be geocoins and trackers. If you are lucky enough to find one of those, AWESOME! Write down the number, log it in and pass it on. Then, you can track it on it’s journey.




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