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I have been getting a TON of people asking about getting started with essential oils. Let me first tell you my stories!


I am feeling GREAT, healing wonderfully and treating my family with some amazing natural products that are from GOD. How could you go wrong with using oils that are coming right from plants? (Want to know what I went through  that really got me thinking about essential oils, click here)

I adopted 2 of my children in May of 2013. Breckin and Trystan were 2 children who were¬†severely¬†abused and neglected. (We are very open and honest about this because they are very open and honest to anyone who talks to them about it). Both Breckin and Trystan have PTSD and have nightmares… or I should say HAD nightmares.

We have started them on Peace and Calming¬†at night to help with sleep and calming down… The very first morning after we used it, Breckin came into my room and said “Mama, I wet my bed last night”. He not only slept without nightmares, but it was the first time in 8 months that he slept soundly! I have since adjusted how much that he is using, but now, he knows that he can ask for some to put behind his ears and on his feet before bed if he has had a troublesome day. And IT WORKS!!!

I am using Frankincense oil for the scar on my neck from my thyroid removal. It is healing rather nicely and I am not so self-conscious about how it looks now because it is healing so well.

I stopped taking pain medication after my surgery, but rather rubbed in my PanAway Cream that I made to reduce pain and swelling.

I have also lost 10 pounds since my surgery and am taking lemon and peppermint oils every morning and every evening in a capsule to help with detoxing. I FEEL AMAZING!

Shelby is using Lavender and Peppermint oils behind her ears and her allergies have gone almost entirely away. She stopped taking her over-the-counter allergy meds!!!

Thieves Oil is helping with some of the other munchkins’ colds and runny noses. We are comverting many of the kiddlings this direction. LOVE THIEVES OILS!

OK, SO now that I have told all of the things that we have been doing, know that we haven’t opened our medicine trunk in several weeks!!!

There are many different kits to choose from and this is the one that I recommend the MOST! (Only because it has the difusser, plus 11 oils included in it. These are TRULY EVERY DAY OILS!)


The Premium Kit  is the kit to get when you sign-up! You receive the 10 Everyday Oils, plus a 5ml Stress Away, and a Roller Fitment which allows you to make any essential oil bottle a roll-on (I use it on the Stress Away and keep that in my purse! Tall Man like the smell of that one), It also includes 10 popular essential oils samples to keep in your desk at work or share with others along with 2 packs of Ningxia Red, AND a Home Diffuser!!

That’s over $300 value for $150! Amazing! It’s the best deal of it’s kind.

It is so easy to join Young Living to receive wholesale prices. There are no monthly order requirements or annual fees.  

Here is my direct link to YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS

Click on the sign up now button on the left side and fill out the form

Step by step instructions on how to join Young Living Essential Oils:

1. Click here to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy!

2.¬†Wholesale Member will already be selected. Again, this is the wholesale membership. It is AMAZING! If you select ‚ÄúRetail Customer‚ÄĚ you will not receive wholesale pricing and will pay retail which is 24% more than wholesale. Yikes!

3.¬†Make sure my member number 1703928¬†is in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots. (THAT’s ME!!)

4. PLEASE be sure to include your email address. If you don’t, I have no way to invite you to the Facebook support groups and I can’t support you as you begin your journey with essential oils.

5. Choose the kit you want. I highly recommend the Premium Kit. Then proceed to check out. You can skip the Essential Rewards part for now unless you would like to join ER right away. Essential Rewards is a monthly order. I choose to build my own each month rather than one of these kits. Essential Rewards is a monthly commitment  Ask me more about this ( )

6. That’s it! Your oils will be on their way to your doorstep! In about a week, you will be using all of these fabulous products!

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at!

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But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

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