Month: February 2015

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Quail eggs in the incubator

As our family continues our journey to create a homestead that provides for us, we are incubating quail eggs (or at least attempting to hatch them). We have a new incubator and have regular egg rack/turner and a quail egg rack and turner inside. We have 24 quail eggs along…

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Homeschooling REVIEW – “Mapping the World with Art”

  We have been meaning to get started on this new curriculum. We had been eyeballing this book for a while and I overheard another mom talking about this class that her kids were signed up for… I thought, well, WE can get the book and do this… And so…

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Essential Oil Tuesday – Dryer Sheets

Have you read what is in the dryer sheets that we use on our clothes? I have! And I HATE those chemicals touching my body!!! Dryer sheets are VERY easy to make… and only costs pennies with things that I already have on hand!!! Ingredients:  1 cup white vinegar (if…

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Dehydrating broccoli

When we can pick up veggies for a super-great price, we jump all over that… I can some things, freeze some and even dehydrate some… after we get our fill on fresh. This last week, I picked up 40 pounds of broccoli for $26. My kids love grilled broccoli served…

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Progress on our homestead, February 2015

We have been blessed with beautiful weather this February. It is not always the case and the rest of the country seems to be hit HARD with cold weather and snow. We are taking full advantage of this warmer weather.  We have been working on a “plethora” of projects as supplies arrive….

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Planting a large garden

Every year we plant a garden… and every year, our garden gets larger and larger to provide for our ever-growing family.  Our goal every year is to plant enough produce to provide for our family and to be able to trade with other families for their produce.  Our goal this…