Month: December 2015

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Hatching quail in 2015

Every 6 weeks or so, we hatch out and sell several hundred quail chicks. For the chicks that we don’t sell, they end up with our stock for additional eggs and meat. Several times a year, we order eggs from an outside ranch to bring in “new lines” to our own flock. This adds extra healthy birds to our own…

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Christmas traditions – Rosette cookies

Every year, we have little Christmas traditions that we, as a family, have during the season.  One of them like many other families is making Christmas cookies. With so many kids in the family, cookies don’t last  too long. We love making rosette cookies. We have several rosette irons, 2 of which are antiques that we picked up from yard…

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Fresh Pita Bread

Pita Bread Makes 16 pitas (This recipe is easily halved…. When our family makes it, we make 2 in a row and make 32 pitas+ at a time) Ingredients 6 cups flour 1 Tablespoon salt 2 Tablespoons  honey 4 teaspoons of yeast (or 2 packets) 2-1/2 to 3 cups warm (not hot)water (Divided into 1 cup and remainder) 4 Tablespoons olive oil Directions Add yeast and…