Month: January 2016

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Eating Quinoa – Avocado Quinoa Salad

5 years ago we really took a jump on changing how we eat. We had already taken all of the dye filled foods out of our lives and then we started with all of the processed. No more boxed rice or pasta sides for us!! We discovered that it is…

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Coturnix Quail at our homestead

Coturnix quail are extremely easy to raise for both meat and eggs. They are full grown between 6-8 weeks. And begin laying at that time too.  Their eggs are AWESOME in both flavor and in nutrients.   Here are the coturnix quail sub breeds that we are currently offering. We…

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Amateur Radio and NATO Alphabet

Griffen has been very excited to get involved with the communications team with our local Oath Keeper’s group. He just picked up a handheld radio and was able to sit and listen to the check in for all of the local members for the Sunday night check-in.  If you are…

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Welcoming New Baby Goats

Welcome to the first babies born on our homestead this year. Spicy Girl birthed 2 beautiful doelings this morning. They are Nubian /  La Mancha mix and as of 30 minutes ago, doing GREAT!!!

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Easy Boule Bread – A Family Favorite.

ea This is a GREAT recipe to make bread bowls as well!!! Divide the dough into 4 or 5 smaller rounds, shape and bake! Ingredients: 6-1/2 cups of wheat (We grind our own, so we add 2T of wheat gluten too) – plus a small amount of flour to dust…

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Roasted Butternut Squash

Growing our own fruits and veggies is extremely important to our family. We always plant extra and a variety of plants in our garden. Butternut squash is a favorite in this house. Once cooked, it has a “creamy” texture. It can be used as a stand alone dish, a side…

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Homemade Laundry Sauce

We love making our own cleaning products. I save so much in this size household. We do have a 5 gallon bucket of homemade laundry soap that I have been making every 3 months for the last 5 years… Several months ago, I made a “Laundry Sauce” that I adapted…

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Weighing a pig with no scale

We have been using the following technique to  weigh our meat pigs.  Measure around their heart girth… Easiest way to measure pig is during feeding time.  Remember that number. For our smaller 4-1/2 month old pigs they measured about 39 inches around the heart girth (They are all about the same…

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2015 Family layout

It has been a long time since I was able to sit down and scrapbook anything. I picked up a digital scrapbook kit from  The kit is called Colorful Mega Kit by Fayette Designs. There were 4 different colors and everything mix and matched. LOVE how this layout turned out!

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Our Family GO-TO Buttery Biscuit Recipe

No Refrigerator Biscuits Here!!! Too many weird unpronounceable ingredients in those… and not to mention RED DYE! 🙁 *These biscuits take a little time…. remember that you can flash freeze the cut dough for later use too.   When we have extra eggs, we tend to make breakfast for dinner too. These…

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Piglets and Pig Raising

Purchase Piglet $150.00 and take it home with you. OR Purchase a piglet and have us raise it for you. We grow, feed and care for them for 8 months. Pay in full: $720 ($90/month) (additional processing fee payable to the butcher house) or monthly: $100/month for 8 months due…

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Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016! And Happy 12th day of Christmas!!  This year on our homestead, we are working really hard to get self sustaining and be able to offer more animals, produce and eggs to our friends.  It has been a great year! We have pressed the “easy” button and made…