Month: March 2016

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Making Cheese

I was honored to be able to be the guest speaker at the Chino Valley Oathkeeper’s meeting today. I demonstrated several different cheeses and showed how a cheese press works as well as cheese wax.  Below is my handout with some recipes.  Click the button below to download the PDF handout for…

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Common Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses

I was able to share this information with the Chino Valley Oathkeepers. Click this button to download this information for the handout.[sdm_download id=”4320″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″] Common Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses We have a pretty extensive vegetable and herb garden on our homestead. We have fruit trees, a vegetable garden,…

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What a GREAT Quail Day!

Besides being in the middle of a fantastic hatch (we are filling a huge order of quail this weekend) here on our homestead, we have added some beautiful new coturnix lines to our quail for our future hatches. We now have Golden Italian and Cinnamon Reds. Both BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!  …

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Quail for sale; March 2016

Quail available now. GREAT for meat and eggs… (Yes, they lay daily like chickens) We currently have baby coturnix quail for available for sale. We incubate between 600-1000 eggs a month. They are full grown and lay at 8 weeks old and are great for both meat and eggs. Located…