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Many days, I am asked “How” I create my day to run smooth with everything that I have going on between homeschooling, working at several different online schools, juggling my volunteer work, kids schedules, our farm and animals, etc. For me, having a GREAT calendar is the first key. I do actually have both an online and a physical printed calendar for myself. The online is a Google calendar and each of the kids with their own smartphones (my oldest 3, Shelby, Griffen and Elwyn) and the hubby can also access that one. When they add to the “Family Schedule”, the calendar notifies me and I write it in my book calendar. I use the print calendar for all of my other work as well. I write my classes that I am teaching online as well as activities for the family, birthdays, doctor appointments, etc.

The rule in my house (with a family this size) is that if it isn’t on the calendar at least a day before, I will not be able to juggle to get everyone around.

I chose a calendar that is divided into 15-minute sections like a Dr or a hairdresser would use to schedule appointments. The calendar that I chose starts at 7 am – So any of my VIPKid classes will not be on there. Remember, I start my every day between 3 and 4 am Sunday-Friday) I take Saturdays off to sleep-in from VIPKid.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, have at least 1-year experience with children and are looking for additional income, I would highly recommend VIPKid – Here is my referral code:

Beginning on November 1, 2019, the Chinese Government changed a law and the hours that children are allowed online, so in Arizona, our classes will have to end at 6 am in the morning. There is the opportunity to teach beginning at 5:30 pm (Arizona time) on Fridays and Saturday nights, however. I personally do not teach on Friday and Saturday nights unless I am home alone. I will teach on weeknights when my Chinese students are out of school for the day and I have nothing planned, normally Monday thru Thursday evenings. I work about 25 hours a week with VIPKid. I personally make about $21/hour to roll out of bed and use their curriculum online. I have many regulars and am booked over 95% of my class openings.

I also teach ESL online with a company called Cambly. This is a conversational English company. You do not need to have a degree. But It does only pay $0.17/minute of talk time – so less than minimum wage. I use this to fill in my gaps and I work between chats on other things at my desk. I work about 10 hours a week with them. This is a great at home job just to fill in some spare time. Here is my referral link with the:

2 days a week, I schedule online classes through Outschool as well. I write my curriculum. This is for English speaking student from all over the world. Do you have a specialty that you want to teach online with them? Here is their link to teach:

This school has some pretty amazing classes for kids! Here is a link to get you and your family signed up to take classes with them.

The other days of the week we have field trips and other activities as a family. I love that my kids are all older so on days that I have classes, the kids are independently working on their own school work and at times that I am not teaching online, I am teaching my own children. All of their school is written in a binder calendar too down to the lessons that they have to complete during the week. Calendar organization is the KEY!

We are always on the go and LOVE it. By keeping a detailed calendar, It keeps us as a family in check for work, school and our lives.

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