Freeze-Dried Candy

Skittles, Werthers Caramel Chews, Marshmallows.

What a fun experiment! We have been busy with the beginning of our holiday fun. November 1st is tomorrow! So, here we go.

I have been watching the Facebook message boards for freeze-drying for a long time. We have mostly been saving foods like fruits and vegetables and many different types of meat. Our initial goal for our freeze dryer was to have “back-up” food for our extra-large family “just in case”.

Then, we started adding in foods that we could use more regularly like chicken for tacos. (Something easy that my Berlyn could make without even turning on the stove.) He can heat a cup of water with my Keurig Coffee Pot.

Today’s batch coming out of the freeze dryer was a bit more fun.. Not for long term storage…. but for a fun treat for the kids. CANDY!

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